About Mayor's Youth Jobs+
Mayor's Youth Jobs+ is a city-wide program to help young adults (ages 16-24) find employment. The goal for 2016 is to provide 5,000 jobs and work opportunities. This initiative is a partnership between the City of San Francisco, United Way Bay Area, the Department of Children, Youth & Their Families, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the San Francisco Unified School District, youth-serving nonprofits and the San Francisco business community.

As a rule, students never have free time. Most university students try to work in parallel with their studies, as this will give them more experience for future job searches and give them the confidence to move on into the adult world. But balancing work and study can be challenging at times. The institution often requires you to do research papers or write essays on various topics. But if you don't have the time, energy, or experience to work on such assignments, you can use an essay writing service. Place your order in a few maximum easy steps and expect your order strictly on time. The service authors specialize in a vast arsenal of topics and provide quality work for a reasonable price.

We remember how tough it was to find a job when we were the same age as you now. We tried hard to employ and earn money while studying at high schools, colleges, and even when we graduated. That is the reason why we decided to develop this program and help young people like you.

Often students do not cope with the curriculum due to the incorrect distribution of their time to prepare for a particular type of assignment. Many university students are very casual about their time. The consequence of this is the presence of unresolved issues by the end of the first semester. Sometimes, working on challenging tasks can undermine not only your strength but also your health. Anyway, young people often miss out on the best times of their lives being busy with work and study. In order to have time between work and study and get brighter emotions, you can contact essay helper service for delegating your homework.

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In the framework of this program, you will get a chance to find a job as well as develop necessary skills that will enhance your chances for employment after college as well:

  • completing CV. You will find out how to write a decent resume that will get you a job for essay writers, content creators, journalists, designers, and other positions;
  • essay writing. You will become good at writing motivation letters, personal statements, cover letters, presentations, etc. Your future employers will like your ability to present yourself in a written form; 
  • successful completion of job interviews. You will not have to worry about your speech, tone of voice, looks, and other important details anymore. After finishing our program, you will ace any job interview and impress any HR with your experience and charisma;
  • deep learning of certain subjects. During our program, you will get a chance to get teacher help a student needs. Such subjects as Psychology, Social Science, English language, and History are covered by our program. In case we see that our students need training in other areas, we will consider inviting teachers of other disciplines.

As you can see, the program that we offer suits high school students, college students, and graduates as well. Cooperating with a write my essay service will help you develop your writing skills and provide you the unique chance of communicating with modern academic writers. By the end of the program, you may even decide to pursue the career of a freelance writer too.  Please contact us to learn more about our paper writing services and job opportunities.

Special Note

For those who are just starting their careers, it is extremely important to know how to properly design your resume. This can be especially difficult for those who have not yet graduated, but already want to start working - you need not only to write a resume correctly, but also not to forget about grades. For this purpose, you will need a special service for writing resumes and essay writer. It is worth trusting the professionals sfyoujobs, who have the necessary skills and knowledge necessary for an effective job search. At the same time, you won't have to sacrifice good grades - the experts will help you handle both assignments. Hurry up and leave your application and start your career advancement. We are aware of a problem with our website that is preventing new users from creating a profile. We are working diligently to resolve this problem and apologize for any inconvenience has caused you. You can still apply for any of the jobs you see listed without an account. Just be sure to click the orange apply button on any job listing you are interested in. Thank you for your understanding.

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Success Stories from Job Applicants

Youth Jobs+ Success

“At each of my internships, my mentors wanted the best for me, pushing me to excel. I know that all the skills and other things I've learned are things I can take with me to college.”


“Before I started working, I was very shy and soft spoken. After getting hired, I've become more comfortable. I've learned how to deal with unhappy and discouraging customers.”


“I used to be frightened by interviews and that hindered my progress finding a job. With the support of Summer Jobs+, I was able to work on my interview skills. I found an incredible job where I still work today.”


“I was able to get a paid summer internship at a real estate company and did so well that they hired me full-time. Now I am able to help my family.”

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