Who are the potential employees?

Youth, ages 16-24, primarily from the San Francisco community. Many participate in employment readiness programs with the school district or other local nonprofit partners to ensure they are ready to work.

What types of employment can I offer?

This depends on the needs of your business. Some youth are available for permanent full- or part-time jobs, and others are looking for temporary summer work. Summer-only jobs are often the most difficult to find, and employers are encouraged to consider this option. Most youth are looking for entry-level work and there is a wide range of skills and abilities among our youth participants. Jobs and internships in the past have included customer service, retail, sales, food service, office support, skill-building internships, maintenance, hospitality and anything that could use the fresh energy of a young person.

If you are a business that is interested in participating by providing jobs and/or internships; financial support; or something else, please fill out the Employer Interest Form.

How are youth recruited?

Youth create an online profile on the San Francisco Youth Jobs+ webpage and upload a resume to express interest in the position. Our team reviews their qualifications and asks them to apply directly with you if we think they will be a fit. We will then inform you of the youth participants we've referred to your application process and recommend those for consideration. We will then follow up with you to find out who you have selected.

What kind of support will be provided to employers?

Once your new hires start, our staff will check in on a regular basis to answer questions and provide resources, if needed. Along with our nonprofit partners, we can provide a variety of social supports to young people both before and during employment.

What if I'm already working with the City or a nonprofit to hire young people?

We'd love to learn more about any existing partnerships to see if we can provide additional support and also to recognize the great work you are doing. Email Paris Proctor at pproctor@uwba.org to connect with us

Where can I go for support after I have hired a Mayor’s Youth Jobs+ applicant?

We can provide your business with support, including resources for working with youth over the summer. Email Larry Berry at lberry@uwba.org for more information.

Can companies/youth from outside SF participate?

The youth participating in the program are primarily from San Francisco, so if the location of your job or place of business is accessible by public transportation for someone traveling from San Francisco, your company is desirable.

If I can't provide a job, are there other ways to support the program?

Yes! You can support the program financially or by volunteering. If you are interested in helping in these ways, please contact Paris Proctor at pproctor@uwba.org