Jamba Juice Interns

Business Pathways: Jamba Juice

Business Pathways is an eight-week summer internship program for young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 years old. This summer, we placed over 70 interns with employers throughout the Bay Area.

'These interns always go above and beyond our expectations' Van Battle said of the three Business Pathways interns, Jennifer, Aujuenaye, and Megan. These interns were referred to our program through the Treasure Island Job Corps, an educational and vocational training program that helps young people get the technical skills and education they need to successfully enter the workforce. Van Battle is the director of Guest Services at the headquarters of Jamba Juice, who has partnered with our Business Pathways internship program over the last three summers. 'Every year the interns we work with just keep getting better!' said Van.

Jennifer, Guest Services Intern

Jennifer, has been working in Guest Services for the last 4 weeks, and enjoys the office setting and interacting with customers. 'I am thinking about one day working in hospital administration, so learning how to interact with customers has really boosted my confidence so I feel like I'm better at talking with people now. I think I've also become more tolerant and patient when listening to others because I have to do that every day at work when speaking with customers on the phone.'

Aujuenaye, Facilities and Supply Chain Intern

Aujuenaye works on the Facilities and Supply Chain Management team at Jamba Juice HQ, and is in charge of handling office administrative concerns and shipping and receiving packages. 'I like that I get to do both administrative office work while also getting breaks every now and then to do physical work- I do a lot of walking around the office when I have to go take care of a problem or re-stock a supply closet. I want to open a chain of day care centers one day so I like that I'm getting to see how the headquarters here works. It gives me perspective on how to order supplies, how to figure out operations, and all of the work that most people don't think of when starting a business.' Aujenaye's supervisor, Daniel, really appreciates the way she is so eager to learn and really puts in the extra effort to do a great job.

Megan, Accounting Intern

Megan has been super busy working on the accounting team for Jamba Juice. 'For me it's exciting to see how all the departments work together. I've also had the chance to learn some organizational skills that help the accounting department work, but I think that having a good way to be organized is useful for any job. Megan's supervisor Suzanne is very impressed by Megan's ability to be inquisitive and adds a tremendous amount of energy to the whole accounting team.

Valuable Job Skills

The Jamba Juice interns are getting the opportunity to gain a variety of transferable skills that will help them succeed in any career. By having this work experience, these interns are learning how to navigate an office environment, improve their organization and time-management skills, and have the opportunity to improve their communication skills. It's great to see how happy our interns and their supervisor are this summer.

Thank you Jamba Juice for your continued support of the Business Pathways program. Because of your partnership, we're able to give young people in San Francisco the work experience and skills they need to succeed in their future careers!

For more information on our Business Pathways Internship Program, check out our Business Pathways page!