United Way Bay Area, is proud to present the 2018 Business Pathways Summer Internship Program. Through this part-time (20 hours/week) eight-week internship, Interns gain hands-on exposure to careers in industries such as Real Estate, Technology, Law, Non-profit, Hospitality, Transportation, Entrepreneurship, and more. Participants learn about the wide variety of job possibilities within a company, from finance to operations, human resources, legal, information technology, marketing, etc. Business Pathways runs from June 18th to August 10, 2018.


Interested in becoming an intern?

The Business Pathways Internship Program is open to 16-24-year-olds who are:

  • Located in the Bay Area from May to August.
  • Able to work 20 hours per week for eight weeks
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Are highly organized
  • Have great attention to detail
  • Able to work well in an office environment
  • Excited to meet new people and try out a career!

Application Process

Applications are available, please apply here and select the Business Pathway Intern position.

What work can interns do?

Business Pathways Interns like to be challenged, learn new skills and can be an extremely valuable asset to participating businesses.

Assistance with projects

  • Mass marketing- creating materials, mailings, contact lists, etc
  • Online research- prospecting, gather data, compiling information for reports

Administrative tasks

  • Data entry- Excel, Salesforce, updating records, etc
  • Event planning and conference room coordination

Career exposure projects

  • Job shadow- learning about the field by shadowing a staff member
  • Taking notes at business meetings, typing up the minutes, etc.

And more, tell us what projects you would like support from interns.

How are interns selected for the program?

Step 1: Develop an Intern Job Description
Employers submit an Intern job description, including any existing skills considered mandatory for that position. United Way can help you think about projects and tasks suitable for an intern and which advanced skills might be required.

Step 2: Review pre-screened resume for Intern applicants
Candidates submit a Business Pathways Intern Application. United Way works with its Doorway partners to recruit and screens against the intern job description to determine the best fit for intern’s interest and skill set. The employer receives pre-screened resumes of potential intern applicants to review.

Step 3: Interview and select your interns
United Way matches interns and employers based on both parties needs.

Interested in hosting an intern with Business Pathways?

If you would like more information about hosting an intern for the 2018 Business Pathways cycle, contact Paris Proctor at [email protected] or 415.808.4436