Community Management Internship Program

WalgreensWelcome to the 2016 Internship program!
Walgreens offers a step-by-step 10 week internship program to equip you to work in one of the most exciting and fast-paced retail environments in the nation.

The goal of the internship is for you to determine if a career in retail at Walgreens is for you and for Walgreens to determine if you are a fit for our leadership development programs. And at the end of your internship, you’ll have the real-world experience you need to succeed in the Walgreens retail environment and beyond.

Why Walgreens?
Because we champion everyone’s right to be Happy and Healthy. And that’s not just a slogan; our actions prove it. We are the nation’s leading retail pharmacy with 31 straight years of record growth and profitability. That kind of track record takes an unwavering commitment to personalized customer and patient care. Through unparalleled convenience, Walgreens demands consistent quality and continual investment in people and technology.
Simply put, we excel at what we do. We are a pharmacy built and run by store managers and pharmacists–from our premier staff of pharmacists, through our exceptional store leaders and up to many of our top executives. We support our pharmacists with PTCB-trained technicians and innovative technology that automates routine tasks and frees up time for patient counseling.

We understand that our future depends on the professionalism and dedication of our store and pharmacy leaders. On building an ongoing relationship with future leaders–like you. On reinforcing and expanding your classroom learning with hands-on experience.

That’s why we’ve put a lot of time and thought into our internship programs. Packed as much learning as possible into a short period of time. Fine-tuned it with years of feedback from interns who have gone on to become successful Walgreens pharmacists, store and pharmacy managers, district and market leaders, and top corporate executives.

Our Program
Our summer internship program is available for those students enrolled in an accredited pharmacy school program and junior-level students from accredited colleges and universities.
Here’s what our summer internships offer you:
• Hands-on Experience
• Practical experience working in a retail environment. On special projects with increasing levels of responsibility–targeted to where you are in your curriculum.
• Exposure to Leading Edge Technology
• Customized, solution–driven tools created specifically to help maximize your time. Technology like:

Specialized, Structured Training Program
Training modules that cover:
• General knowledge
• Law and Ethics
• Front-End and Pharmacy
• Walgreen’s Strategy, Goals and Transformative Principles

Convenient Locations
We operate thousands of stores throughout the country. So you can work close to home–or spend the summer just about anywhere you’d like–and still get the experience of working with a top-notch retailer.

Great Work Environment
We want you to get to know us. Enjoy your summer with us. So right from the start, we assign you to a mentor who sees to it that you feel comfortable in your environment and challenged in your work. We’re confident that you’ll find our workplace friendly and dynamic and that you’ll be stimulated by our culture of continuous learning. You’ll enjoy being surrounded by other professionals who care about their patients.

Questions? Interested in Applying?
Email: sfyouthjobs@uwba.org